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Companies around the world need to worry about getting ISO 45001 certified, and the main reason for this is because ensuring workers’ and employees’ safety and health is part of the top priorities, especially for organizations in Hidalgo, Texas.  The main goals for most companies are focused on the quality of the services or products they provide as well as on the materials and equipment available to get the operations and processes done. 

In short, organizations think about what they offer and how they can continue to improve it but tend to forget about the ones that help them to obtain each product and deliver.  Workers are the most important element in any organization. Therefore, it is only natural to guarantee optimal working conditions and reduce the risks they face while performing their roles. 

For this, ISO 45001 was established and provides all the guidelines and requirements for the occupational health and safety management system of a company. 

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Workers and even visitors need to be protected every time they access your installations and facilities to either get the work done or when they’re just coming for a quick visit. Unlike what most business owners believe, getting certified in this standard isn’t a benefit for the employees alone. 

Instead, you—the organization—directly protect your interests by looking after every person inside your organization to ensure he or she isn’t only comfortable but also safe and with a very low percentage of getting involved in an accident. With that said, how can you start implementing it? 

Our company IQC The ISO Pros is located in Hidalgo, Texas, and many cities around the state. We have experienced and qualified ISO experts that can help you by providing training and implementation services. Our team will get to your organization and assess it to determine how much you’ve progressed with the implementation of the standard or determine where we need to start in order to meet every requirement.

Who needs to implement ISO 45001 and obtain its certification?

Any company regardless of its size, type, or goals needs to implement ISO 45001 to provide safe and healthy workplaces. However, implementing the standard and getting certified takes time since the company usually needs to add new measures, follow guidelines, and ensure it meets every norm in the ISO. 

Now, the time you have been operating as a company doesn’t influence your needs and chances to implement the standard. Either if you have been in businesses for decades or you are just starting, you can look forward to its implementation.

Any organization that wishes to focus on its employees, visitors, and other people’s safety and health inside the facilities, can go for it and establish, maintain and improve its management system in this area. Just keep in mind one thing: this standard looks for the continuous improvement of the OH&S management system. 

Therefore, it’s important to not only implement what has been settled in the standard so far but keep your company updated with the possible additions in future revisions of the ISO. At IQC The ISO Pros, we are always updated with the newest version of the standard to implement and make sure to provide our consulting, training, and implementation services according to it. 

When allowing our experts in Hidalgo, Texas, or any other city in the state to assist you in this process, you can expect us to prepare you for the audit and even get you certified at the end of the day. 

What you must know about ISO 45001

Although it is a generic and world international standard, the guidelines established to allow companies to meet their goals for their specific OH&S management systems. This means that regardless of the field or industry your company is part of, you can establish and improve your system with the guidelines and with your organization’s personal goals in mind. 

Among people, there’s always the common doubt of not implementing ISO 45001 because they are worried that it may not help them to achieve the desired outcomes. However, it all depends on how much you understand the standard and how you implement it around your objectives for the occupational health and safety management system of your company. 

On the other hand, the ISO itself establishes certain objectives you need to achieve in order to guarantee the safety and health of your workers and be able to get your certification. A few of the outcomes are:

  • Fulfill all legal requirements and no mandatory ones for your system. 
  • Establish your OH&S management system and maintain it according to the norms. 
  • Continual improvement of OH&SMS, which is the final goal during the implementation of the standard. 

Any normative that aims for the improvement and even simple establishment of a management system in your organization tend to come with benefits alone. Yes, it may be mandatory in order to operate and continue in businesses, but it brings you many advantages not only when it comes to hiring new people for your processes but also to have more customers. This makes you consider investing time and money in training and its implementation to offer the best for everyone and boost your organization in the process. 

In Texas, especially Hidalgo, people prefer organizations that look after their workers and visitors, care about everyone’s health and safety, and invest in more than just more sales. It will give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors by just implementing this ISO alone. 

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There’s no doubt about it. The previous facts we gave you about the standard tell you a lot about why it is so necessary. But do you actually understand everything it involves for your company?

At IQC The ISO Pros, we are aware that you want to save as much time and resources as you can, especially if you’re just starting with your business. It isn’t simple to invest in certain standards that might not be within your plans, but you have to consider the pros and cons of going for it. When it comes to ISO 45001, the pros will always be more than the cons of using your resources on it. First, you will be able to improve your occupational health and safety management system or to establish it—to begin with—in order to offer more to your workers and even visitors.

Having your employees in a much safer and healthier workplace will lead them to be more productive, efficient, and all of them will very likely look forward to continuing working in the organization. You need amazing employees to keep it running, and the least you can do to guarantee them you value their efforts is to provide optimal and safe conditions. On the other hand, your clients or possible ones, really value how much you concern about the workplace and working conditions of your workers. Also, keep in mind the safety and health measures aren’t only for the employees but also visitors, which means you are showing them how much you care about everyone’s well-being.

Everything that means improvement and is good for any area of your company can bring more value. But as we mentioned, it is about determining how much you should invest in it or not. Some standards aren’t as good as ISO 45001, which is why you need to know very well where your organization stands with it and if it is worth the investment. In our experience, we can tell you with all confidence that you won’t regret investing in this one. Besides, in some states and cities, ISO 45001 is a mandatory requirement that also helps you to meet other regulations.

What we would recommend to any company is to just meet all legal requirements in this area or system by implementing the guidelines established in this ISO. In this way, you won’t have to double invest in almost the same regulations or more for another certification that could have been covered with ISO 45001 certification alone. Therefore, the short answer would be—again—: yes, it is completely worth investing in it and you should do it without hesitation.

A lot of time and work. Implementing ISOs isn’t an easy task since it takes time to be familiar with all the requirements and guidelines. Then, you need to have a very good concept and ideas of your company’s needs and goals to focus the normative in the right areas and aspects of the management system it is aiming, in this case, the OH&SMS. Proper training is required to be able to implement a standard correctly and ensure that when your company goes through its audit, it will get its certification. Otherwise, you’ll have to spend more time and resources preparing for another audit and being limited in certain processes and tasks.

With that said, where should you start with it? By reading the documentation? It sounds like a great plan. Standards for this type of system not only provide guidelines for the actions you need to take but also, the changes and additions to the documentation. When you’re establishing a new system in the organization, you need to establish all the norms and regulations in the correct documents. Yes, part of implementing an ISO lies in the documents you have to create in order to have an order of how things will proceed, establish the system properly, maintain it, and aim for improvement.

It is very similar when you compare it to quality standards since you have to create Quality Policies, Regulations, and more documents. For an occupation health and safety management system, things aren’t that different since you need to implement measures, and having a record while also your own guideline to establish them is part of the process. Fortunately, our team of consultants, trainers, and professionals at IQC The ISO Pros is ready to start the process and provide you and your organization with everything necessary to succeed. And this includes helping you from the very start with the documents and move onto the actions that need to be taken.

With that said, during our training, we will make sure to go through the entire standard and show you how to implement it based on your company’s occupational health and safety management system. Once we are over with this, we’ll start implementing it with or for you. You can either choose to leave the entire job to our experts or be part of the process even if you decide to not go for the training. Or if you need help by determining a few aspects and a right-hand to clear doubts and answer questions, you can have us as your consultants in order to ensure the success of the implementation.

The entire concept of getting ISO 45001 doesn’t end with the piece of paper alone. Standards are made—most of the time—to ensure the continuous improvement of a management system in a company. The system will vary and some may not aim for this part of a company but rather another one. However, in the case of this occupational health and safety standard, you need to maintain and improve your system over the years and meet any new requirements established in the future versions of the ISO.

Revisions and updates will always be required. Not often but rather frequently to ensure that the organization continues to meet the implemented measures and if it doesn’t, take action to get it back on track. We know it may sound a bit too much work when you think not only about the standard and the process of getting certified but also everything else. Staying updated, working around new needs and safety measures, guaranteeing improvement, and everything else we have mentioned so far. Just thinking about it guarantees you there’s a lot to do and you won’t be able to just implement it, later on, stop investing and paying attention to it. However, we don’t want you to look at it as something bad for your company but rather the opposite.

Since it is a great addition for it, you only obtain more benefits when you work around the standard, which means there’s no need to worry about how much you will spend and invest. Instead, we encourage you to train properly and keep the ISO in mind whenever there’s a change to your occupational healthy and security management system or any other area of your organization that could influence it. All this is a lot of work, which is why you can still contact us and count on our experts to help you with every step. Our role and help in this process don’t finish when we implement it and you obtain the certification. You can always request a consultation and more training in the standard.

For this, you can find our experts in our offices in Hidalgo and other cities in the state of Texas. Count on us for everything regardless of the size, type, and activities in your company since ISO 45001 is destined for everyone interested in improving this system in particular. As a recommendation, we encourage everyone to get ISO 45001 certified to obtain all its benefits, prevent future problems with the law, and guarantee the companies fulfill every requirement established in other normative and mandatory regulations.

How to access our training, implementation, and consulting services

We at IQC The ISO Pros can help you with the entire process of implementation so you can get certified sooner than later. However, we encourage companies to get trained in the standards they need or want as well. Why? Because it is better to understand and know everything about the standard than relying on third-parties all the time. 

As much as we love to help you and will always be at your disposition, it is a great option to train yourself or several experts in your company to ensure all the requirements are being met in the long-run. Also, to guarantee new ones will be implemented and followed after any revision or change in the ISO. With that said, is it hard to access our services? Not at all. 

Our company is available in Hidalgo but also throughout the state, which means you can rely on us regardless of where you are located. We have been in the industry for over 10 years, which has made us more than experienced and qualified to implement any standard, including ISO 45001. To have our professionals helping you, you only need to contact us via phone, email, or visit us. However, due to COVID-19, we are able to help you remotely in order to get your certification despite the current situation. 

We encourage you to contact us via email or using our website to have one of our experts addressing your needs. We will be more than happy to help you with your company in Hidalgo, Texas, or any other city in the state.